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R.U.O.K Program

Are you OK is a program run by the Monroe Police Department that offers the elderly or homebound residents of the Town of Monroe a daily phone call to check on their welfare. The program is computer controlled and constantly monitored by a member of the Monroe Police Department. Participants in this program select a convenient time they wish to be called and each and every day at that preselected time a call will be initiated to their home. If we receive an answer and all is in order no further action is taken. If however, no one answers the call, the computer generates an alert to our communications center and an officer will immediately be sent to the residence to make sure there is no problem to the person who is living alone.

This program has been very successful for elderly people who have fallen down and can't get up due to weakness or injury, and may not have been able to make it to a phone to call for help. Many lives have been saved and many people were rescued hours or days before they might have been otherwise checked on. THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR THIS PROGRAM.

For more information or to be included in the Are you OK calling process file a form with the police department. You can do this in person or download it from this site. If you are unable to get to police headquarters please call us at 782-8644 and one of our officers will pick the form up from you.


"No One Left Behind"

The Village of Monroe Police Department, in an effort to possess the most complete and comprehensive emergency response plan to aid residents during times of emergencies, both man made and natural, developed a "No Person Left Behind" program.

The purpose of this program is to aid emergency personnel such as police, fire or ambulance workers during times of large scale incidents with safeguarding or evacuating residents who reside in the Village of Monroe. This plan, which is compiled and maintained by the Village of Monroe Police Department, lists all residents who reside in the Village of Monroe who have special needs. These needs may be but are not limited to people who are mentally challenged, people with limited or no mobility, persons confined to a wheelchair, people with limited hearing or sight, the elderly or frail, or persons who require constant oxygen or electrical medical equipment to sustain life. The purpose of this list is to advise emergency workers in the area who may be conducting an evacuation or checking the welfare of residents that there is a special needs person in a particular residence. This will allow emergency personnel to bring appropriate manpower or equipment to that resident during times of emergencies.

The Village of Monroe's emergency response plan also lists several special needs groups such as child care facilities, senior centers and medical facilities.


Free Gun Lock Program

"Project Childsafe" is a nationwide program to help ensure safe and responsible firearms ownership and storage. This program was developed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation and it is supported by a U.S. Department of Justice Grant.

This program offers free gun locks to all village of Monroe residents (While supplies last). There are locks for handguns, rifles and shotguns. To receive your free gun lock, stop by Monroe Police Headquarters and pick one up. To learn more about this program visit www.projectchildsafe.org


Child Passenger Safety Seats

The Monroe Police Department has officers specially trained in the installation and proper use of Child Passenger Safety Seats. These officers will inspect your child's safety seat and if it is not properly installed they will reinstall and educate parents on the proper installation of these seats. If your safety seat does not meet current standards we will replace it with a new one free of charge (While supplies last). If you live in the Village of Monroe and would like to have your child passenger safety seat properly installed you can call the police station at (845)782-8644 to make an appointment. Residents located outside of the Village of Monroe are urged to call their local police department as we only provide this service to Village of Monroe residents. Please see our "Law" section for laws regarding seatbelts.


EMT Program

The Village of Monroe Police Department currently has 13 of it's 17 Officers trained as EMT's. Our officers are trained to deal with any type of medical emergency and are usually on the scene before the volunteer Ambulance Corp. arrives. Our EMT's carry medical supplies including Oxygen, Eppy pens, Albuterol, blood pressure cuffs, defibrillators, splints, bandages and all other medical equipment necessary to treat victims of a medical emergency.


Premise Checks

Residents who will be going away on vacation can file a form with the police department so we have have pertinent information and while you are away, we will conduct security checks of your residence. Forms can be picked up at police headquarters or downloaded from this site.


Public speaking/Educational Seminars

In an effort to educate and assist the public, the Village of Monroe Police Department often conducts safety presentations and public speaking events for many different groups. Some of the topics we have presented have been: Preventing Identity Theft, watching and protecting yourself from scams, gang activity, protecting your home from being burglarized, etc.....

We are available to come to your meetings to speak about these topics or any other crime prevention topics you wish. To request an officer to conduct one of these presentations please call the Village of Monroe Police Department at 782-8644.


Prescription Medication Discard Program

To help insure that prescription medications don't get into the wrong hands, the Monroe Police collects unwanted medications from citizens and semi annually we destroy the medications along with other dangerous narcotics that we take off the streets.  You can stop by police headquarters anytime to discard your medications.