Are you or is someone you know addicted to drugs or alcohol?


The Monroe Police Department's L.E.A.D.S. Program is for you!


The Monroe Police Department has started a new program called the Monroe Police “L.E.A.D.S.” Program.  “L.E.A.D.S.” is an acronym for Law Enforcement Assisted Drug Abuse Support.


The officers of the Monroe Police Department see firsthand the impact of addiction.  Those suffering from addiction feel hopeless and powerless to escape its grasp.  We have seen the pain and suffering, lives ruined or ended too soon and we have seen families torn apart over it.  Our goal is to reduce the impact of substance abuse by encouraging those who suffer from addiction to seek treatment and recovery to promote a healthier and safer community.


Drug addiction is a disease, and those suffering need help. We at the Monroe Police Department believe that there is hope for recovery from addiction and we are here to help, not judge.  The stigma associated with substance abuse and opiate addiction is over.


“L.E.A.D.S.” is designed to encourage residents of the community who want to overcome their drug addiction to walk into the police station, turn over their drugs and paraphernalia and ask for help. They will not be arrested but instead, will be assisted in obtaining treatment, detox, rehab and recovery.


“L.E.A.D.S.” in no way diminishes the Police Department’s role in pursuing the arrest and conviction of those who sell and/or possess narcotics. Monroe Police, using their own resources and those made available by other agencies will continue our mission to get the drugs off our streets.  In addition, we will screen everyone we arrest for alcohol or drug related crimes and will provide them with the resources they need to seek assistance with their addiction. 


If you or someone you know has an addiction, we encourage you to take the LEAD(S) by:

  • Entering the station anytime 24/7 and speaking with one of our police officers

  • Private message to:

  • Call our direct line at (845) 782-8644

Emergency: 911 or (845) 782-8644